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PT Edward

Personal Trainer / Fitness Professional

I help women over 40 lose weight, gain strength, tone up and feel confident with who they are. When it comes to health and fitness, I believe in sustainability, patience and consistency over all else! Sure, there are great "12-week programs, 1-month challenges, 90-day transformations", but by the end of the day, when you finish that, what's next? We have Uncovered a new weight loss strategy that allows you to drop 20-30 lbs in 90 days without giving up alcohol, favorite foods or your social life. Book your Free Consultation now https://calendly.com/edwardfy81/30min

PT Edward

Complete personalised fitness solution

One-to-one Video Calls

Connect with me over one-to-one video calls to discuss your goals, progress, techniques and more.

Compliance Tracking

Build long term healthy habits with weekly and monthly compliance trends for workouts, nutrition and everything else.

Wearable Integration

Connect your wearable device with the app to track your daily activity levels and workout metrics like heart rate and calories burnt.

Weekly Check-ins

Check-in with weekly photos and measurements to keep track of your progress. Make amends whenever required.

Personalised Workouts

Get frequent tweaks on your workout plan based on your heart rate, feedback and of course, your schedule & preferences.

Customised Nutrition

Get meal plans based on your dietary preferences. I will constantly update your plan to ensure you get to eat what you like while keeping it healthy.

Fall in love with fitness

Meet the stronger, faster, and more confident version of yourself.